Shutter Operation & Maintenance

Accordion Shutters

Deployment Operation:

  1. remove lock caps (if applicable)
  2. disengage locking system
  3. release blade hold back system
  4. pull centermates together and align in order to obtain a positive closure (each centermate should bypass the other & fit into appropriate grove)
  5. release grip pressure as engaging locking system

Maintenance: (prior to each hurricane season)

  1. clean with light detergent (such as car wash soap) as desired
  2. clean out any debris from top & bottom track with water hose
  3. check locking system by unlocking and locking (key area may be lubricated with spray silicone)
  4. ALWAYS keep locking system engaged (insects and/or other debris will make a home in an open lock)
  5. apply petroleum jelly onto threads of any removable sidewalk bolts at removable tracks

Rolling Shutters

Deployment Operation:

  1. locate remote or insert hand crank onto universal
  2. depress down button on remote or crank the appropriate direction
  3. stop operation if shutter stops prematurely (call for service)

Maintenance: (Monthly)

  1. roll down & up completely – MONTHLY (this will keep insects and other pests from building a home inside the covered hood & tracks)
  2. clean with light detergent (such as car wash soap) as desired