BERTHA HV Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Bertha HV (High Velocity) is the perfect solution for securing patios, balconies and terraces which have large expanses of windows and glass doors. This premier shuttering system has been installed on many homes and high-rise condominiums through out Florida.

The BERTHA HV shutters are constructed of reinforced, heavy gauge extruded aluminum panels. The BERTHA HV offers protection against high winds, storms, and because of our optional key locks you can even protect against forced entry.

These shutters are painted using an electro statically applied, baked-on enamel finish that can be ordered in one of four colors: WHITE, BEIGE, IVORY and BRONZE.

Approved. Provides protection against up to Category 5 hurricane winds. These accordion panels have been tested to wind speeds of 230 mph and carry the approval of both Dade County and the Florida Building Code.

Any size. These accordion shutters can be installed in tracks of any length because they have built in reinforcing and do not require any additional reinforcement with vertical braces or supports.

Any height and any width. Our BERTHA HV shutters can be used to secure patios at any height. Normal shutters are only approved up to 30 feet from the ground. We have also been approved for any length shutters. During our certification testing, we successfully passed all required hurricane tests using accordion shutters that were 16 feet tall and unsecured on both outside (left and right) ends.

Energy efficiency. Our BERTHA HV accordion shutters also effectively block sunlight and provide a degree of insulation keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Storage. When not in use, our BERTHA HV accordion shutters stack in compactly next to the opening. Due to our design, we have the smallest storage requirement of any accordion shutter.

New or retro. These shutters can be installed on new construction or retro-fitted into existing buildings.

Value. Our BERTHA HV accordion shutters have been engineered for long lasting Florida protection. They not only add security but also a decorative touch when in use.